Air Conditioner Repair Minnesota: What You Need to Know

While summer means sun, time spent outdoors, and backyard barbeques, it also means the occasional heatwave. This makes it important that your air conditioner is ready for the coming hot months, and that you have any necessary repairs performed now before it gets any hotter. To help you determine if your HVAC system may be in need of repair, here are a few signs of trouble with your air conditioner you can be on the lookout for that you may have been unaware of.

Moisture Near Your Air Conditioner

Signs of moisture or leakage near your AC unit is likely cause for concern. It could either indicate that your system is leaking refrigerant, which is a serious issue as refrigerant exposure can cause health problems for you and your family, or it could mean that your air conditioner’s condensation drain tube is blocked or broken. Either way, if you notice excess moisture near your air conditioner, you should schedule a repair as soon as possible.

Unusual Odors

Another sign of trouble to look out for is unusual odors coming from your air conditioning vents. Pungent, foul odors coming from your system can indicate a variety of serious problems such as mold, or even wiring issues. Thusly, these scents should not be ignored, and you will want to have them checked out immediately.

There are a variety of signs that can indicate that your air conditioning system is in need of repair. Contact us to learn more about these signs, as well as to schedule a repair of your air conditioning system.