Cold Weather Maintenance Tips for Your Furnace

Getting your furnace inspected or serviced is a very important step when getting ready for winter. If your unit is in good condition, there are a few easy steps you can take to keep it that running efficiently throughout the season. 1. Check/change your filter regularly The more you use your furnace, the dirtier your… Read more »

The Top Reasons to Replace Your Air Conditioner in Fall

Now that summer is over you are probably happy to be able to turn your Air Conditioning off for a few months and not think about the costs of running and repairing your air conditioner till next year. However, if you have been having issues with your air conditioner recently, and/or it is over 15 years… Read more »

Three Steps for Getting Your Air Conditioning Ready for Winter

Air conditioners are important year-round: they keep your home cool during even the boiling Minnesota summers and keep the cold at bay during the winter. But they can only work as well as they are maintained. Here are three things you should do to get your air conditioning unit ready for winter: 1. Schedule a… Read more »

Your Furnace’s High Limit Switch Explained

Each of the components in your gas furnace must be capable of operating correctly else your furnace may cease to provide heat. Unfortunately, many homeowners find the multitude of different components a source of serious confusion. If you would like to learn more about one component vital to your furnace’s smooth operation, read on. This… Read more »