Cleaning Your Air Conditioner in the Spring- DON’T POWER WASH IT !

Winter is almost over, it doesn’t seem like it because the south Metro just got 9 inches of snow this week, but it’s almost over and signs of Spring are here! The time of using your furnace is passing, and while you begin spring cleaning, you may think “I should clean my air conditioner.”
Cleaning Your Air Conditioner

Not a bad idea. A clean and well maintained air conditioner is vital to the life of the unit. It will also help prevent premature breakdowns. We recommend opening the top of the air conditioner and using a garden hose to spray from the inside out. If the top of your A/C won’t open, you can also spray from the outside. Make sure you get all the cottonwood and dirt out of the fins.
One thing we see some homeowners do, is power wash their A/C. DON’T DO IT! Power washing your A/C will flatten the cooling fins and even damage parts inside, ruining your unit. A lot of times after power washing, the A/C is destroyed and non-repairable.

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