Control Your Home’s Air Environment with a Smart Thermostat

Smart thermostats that you can control remotely and automate according to your family’s schedule have widely been popularized as a great way to lower your energy bill during the summer. But they can do just as much to keep your bill low, your home comfortable, and your house in good condition throughout the winter. Here’s how:

  • Monitor different areas for energy use. If your house has separate cooling zones, you can track how much energy it takes to keep the rooms at a predetermined temperature. This is a great, easy way to check for poor insulation and potential drafts.
  • Lower the temperature when nobody is home. It’s hard to plan around everyone’s schedule, especially during holidays and new school semesters. Building schedules into your thermostat to control the temperature at known times when nobody is in the house, and then control it remotely for changes to the schedule. While you don’t want to power down the heat completely, you can lower the temperature to too cool for people but warm enough for pipes to save on your energy bill.
  • Manage the humidity. Many smart thermostats now include features that help you control the humidity and ventilation so you can adjust settings and improve air quality. Higher air moisture can help keep a room warmer, and increased ventilation can keep people healthy during the sniffles season.

Managing air quality and temperature in your home is one of the best things you can do to both keep your energy bill under control and to minimize the risk of your family feeling under the weather. Go to Metro Heating & Cooling to get started.