End of Summer Air Conditioning Maintenance Tips

As our Minnesota summer comes to an end, you may believe that you don’t have to think about your air conditioner until next spring. However, you don’t want to face unexpected problems next season. At the end of each summer, take the time to check your air conditioner and make sure it is in good working order.

Observe your unit for any unusual sights, sounds or smells. Any moisture, such as condensation on the unit or drips around the tubing, are obviously a sign that your unit needs service. But, odd smells can also be a sign of mildew and a leak you can’t see, and so can unusual rattling sounds. If this moisture stays inside the unit all winter, the mildew will be worse next spring.

Clean the area around your outdoor unit. This is especially important if it is in a part of your yard that you don’t notice often. The greenery that looks so small in the spring can quickly grow into tall grasses or trailing vines that hamper the air flow around your unit. Check the coils and if they look dusty clean them gently with warm water.

Change the filter. Perhaps you made sure you had a clean new one at the beginning of the season but now after a couple of months of regular use it is probably time to change it. You should change your air conditioner filters about every three months, but if you have allergies change them every month.

Schedule a check-up. Preventative maintenance will save you time next year. If you use the same HVAC system for heating, you can get ready for winter at the same time. Contact us for an appointment or for more information on maintaining your AC unit.