Frozen AC?

Summer is almost here and that means sweating season. Thankfully, air conditioners were invented.

It’s hot out and you decide to turn on the air conditioner but before you do that, you go outside to make sure it’s in good working condition. What do you see when you get there? It’s frozen! Why did this happen?

It could be due to insufficient air flow along the evaporator coil. Air conditioners drop the temperature by taking excess heat from the home. If the air conditioner is not taking that heat, the change from warm to cold air can’t happen. Freon is what removes the heat and if this change doesn’t happen the temperature will continue to drop and the air conditioner will freeze up.

Another reason your air conditioner might freeze is that it is low on refrigerant.

Air conditioners can freeze up if you run your air conditioner below a certain temperature. The pressure drops, causing this freeze.

One last reason an air conditioner can freeze is a mechanical error. If it is a mechanical error, Metro Heating and Cooling can help you!

But, how do you know which of these issues is the problem? First things first, turn the air conditioner off so it can defrost. Second, if you are a basic handy man, then you can see what’s wrong. However, do not attempt to fix a problem if you don’t have a clue. Call your local heating and cooling repair man.

Questions about your heating or cooling system, contact us and we will answer any questions you have!