Furnace Replacement in Minnesota to Bring a Vintage Home up to Date

Minneapolis Metro Heating Engineer Fixing FurnaceWhen you inherit or buy a vintage home, you often deal with obsolete heating and cooling systems. Furnace replacement in Minnesota vintage homes requires the expertise of trained technicians. In the 19th century, most Americans relied on coal-fired hot-air systems. By the turn of the century, steam heat replaced the old systems. Whether you bought an old Victorian home in Minnesota or a quaint home built within the last 50 years, it’s likely your home needs a new furnace. Older homes in Minnesota with iron radiators might seem as though they have little room for adding or replacing a furnace, but your trained heating and cooling professional helps you find the right look and size. They also show you the most energy-efficient and high-tech furnace.

The ductwork question

Does your home already have ductwork, or room to add it; and if so, is it sized properly? Some older homes have metal ductwork placed in stud cavities between floor or attic joists that are eyesores. Newer systems offer attractive flexible, round ducts between 4 and 16 inches in diameter so you can enjoy the architectural beauty of the home without visual distractions. With new technology, you decide where to place HVAC registers. Talk to a technician about locations of registers and ducts.

The scary furnace in the basement

When you buy a vintage home, you might feel afraid to venture into the basement where there is a large, loud furnace that looks like an octopus. New furnaces are not as loud or gigantic. They are safer, more efficient, up-to-date models that don’t infringe on your serene lifestyle. It surprises some homeowners that they don’t need an oversized furnace to heat even a home with more than 2,500 square feet of living space.

The chimney that is just for show

When remodeling an older home, you might keep the chimney as part of the ornamental value but decide you don’t need it for practical purposes. Maybe you only use it around the holidays when you have company over. Still, deciding to use or not use your chimney and fireplace as a source of heat is a question to cover with your trusted heating and cooling technician.

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