How to get your A/C ready for winter

As summer comes to a close, there are many things you’ll have to remember. Maybe the house needs a new coat of paint. You might have to get kids registered for school. Maybe it’s time to invest in a rake and a snow shovel. Regardless of how you prepare for the end of summer, one thing most Minnesotans will need to remember is to winterize their air conditioning unit. As you enjoy the cooler weather, here are a few suggestions for the best way to protect your air conditioning in the winter.

Leaves, twigs, debris and other refuse can seriously impair the function of your air conditioning unit. This can drive up costs and make your house feel uncomfortably warm. These can be gently scraped off of the outside air conditioning unit by a gloved hand.

Gently washing the outside air conditioning unit can further prevent the build-up of debris that can harm the function of the unit. Make sure to turn off the power of the unit before you do this, and don’t use excess water or damage the fins.

Many people swear by covering their air conditioning units during the winter to protect them, but the machines are sturdy and can easily endure a long winter. One thing a cover does do is turn the unit into a well-protected nest for rodents that can damage the machine.

Perhaps the most important step to protecting your air conditioning unit during the winter is by scheduling a tune-up from Metro Heating and Cooling. This will truly ensure that your air conditioner is ready for winter and make sure everything is functioning properly.