HVAC in Minnesota: Winterizing a Home

If you haven’t performed HVAC maintenance yet, it’s important to do so for your family’s safety. This starts with changing the air filter in your furnace or heat pump. We recommend doing this monthly, although some filters can last up to three months before requiring replacement. A clean filter allows the warm air to flow through your home easier and makes the furnace more energy-efficient.

Other HVAC Maintenance Tasks to Perform for Winter

To ensure your comfort and safety and lower your heating bills, you should also plan to check the settings on your programmable thermostat to make sure they align with your family’s schedule over the colder winter months. One easy way to save money is to program the unit to decrease the temperature during the hours when everyone is asleep.

Nest, be sure to check all air vents in your home to make sure they are clear. Vents tend to clog with dirt and debris that make it difficult for the warm air from the furnace to get through them. If the vents are dirty, remove the covers with a screwdriver and use a long vacuum hose to clean them. You can also use a damp cloth to remove dirt build-up from the hoods.

Lastly, turn the power to your furnace off at the main circuit breaker so you can look for cracks on the blower belt. To do this, remove the steel cover of the air handler with a screwdriver and look for the largest rubber belt inside of the unit. This is the blower belt. If you notice cracks, you will need to replace it.

Schedule a Preventive Maintenance Appointment

If you don’t feel comfortable performing the above tasks yourself or don’t have the time to do it, contact us to check the heating system for you. A typical tune-up consists of checking dozens of items to make sure that your home’s furnace or heat pump is in good shape for the coming winter. No matter which type of HVAC in Minnesota services you require, you can depend on Metro Heating and Cooling to provide you with maximum comfort at a reasonable price.