Money Saving Options

Everyone is looking for ways to save money whether it’s at the gas station, grocery store, or everyday expenses such as your gas or electricity bill.

There are options homeowners have to lower the costs of their electricity bill, while still using their air conditioner on those hot and humid summer days. Besides completing yearly maintenance on the A/C unit, having a programmable thermostat installed can have many benefits. A programmable thermostat allows the homeowner to pick which times of the day the A/C runs, and at what temperature. Since there is no reason to keep the temperature constant all day when you may not be home, the thermostat will
turn the A/C on and off at your command. It is also important to set the thermostat at the highest temperature possible that still allows the owner to be comfortable. 76 to 78 degrees are good temperatures to conserve energy which therefore conserves money.

Ceiling fans provide a good alternative to using the air conditioner. By installing a fan, the owner will be able to turn off the air conditioner on more moderate days. Another option would be to check the attic insulation and the duct work. If the attic or ductwork is not properly insulated, the cool air in the summer and the warm air in the winter will be lost. Finally, keeping blinds or drapes closed on hot days keeps excess heat created by the sun out of the home. All of these options will reduce the workload on the air conditioner, in turn saving money on your electricity bill. These options will not only increase the longevity of the unit, but it will also save money.

If these steps are taken anyone should be able to enjoy a cool, efficient, and economical summer.