Reasons to Get Your AC Tuned Up

Spring is finally here. Soon, the hot sun will beat down, causing us to retreat indoors and crank up our air conditioners. Before that happens, it’s imperative to have your air conditioning checked. There are several reasons to get your A/C tuned up.


In order to maintain the health and function, as well as lengthen the life of your AC, routine cleaning is necessary. Air filters, drain lines, condensers, and compressors all need a good scrub or blowout. A clean AC unit is a unit that is more likely to run smoothly and function properly than a dirty one.

Preventative Maintenance

Many potential AC problems can be staved off with maintaining the unit. A tune up also involves safety and function inspections. Checking such things as proper pressure within the system, refrigerant leaks, condition of wiring, tubes, and fans all contribute to the wellness of your air conditioning. Keeping these tuned up and maintained also reduces the risk of costly repairs.

Proper Calibration

Your thermostat plays a large role in how efficiently your air conditioner runs. Proper calibration of the thermostat, part of an AC tune up, ensures you have more control over your comfort. A correctly working thermostat is just as important to the function of your AC as any other part.

Air conditioners work hard to keep us cool and comfortable. In order to do that, they need periodic tune ups. Cleaning, inspections, and calibrations are all part of a tune up that can extend the life of your AC, prevent costly repairs, and keep it up and running.

For more information about AC tune ups, or to schedule one, please contact us.