What to Do in a Home Heating Emergency in Minnesota

furnace repair minneapolisMinnesota winters are extremely cold and characterized not only by snow but also with sleet and freezing rain. A sudden heating failure and furnace repair need can cause panic. Low temperatures can put your furnace and water heater at the risk of failing, and cause you to have a home heating emergency.

During the cold of winter, there are multiple reasons a furnace, from over usage to the cold itself. However, there are some things to check before calling for home heating repair in Minnesota. The panic and fear of a cold house will often have people jumping for the phone. It is best to take a moment and walk through a few checks first.

1. Thermostat – This is something you should always check first. It is possible someone touched the setting or the batteries need replacing. However, if your thermostat reports your home is 70 degrees, but it feels in the 50’s there is an obvious issue.

2. Emergency Shutoff – This is a common and embarrassing issue. Sometimes a furnace’s emergency shut-off switch is located too close to a light switch. Occasionally, someone will accidentally turn off your furnace when turning off a light.

3. Examine Filters – It is a good idea to replace air filters every month. If you ignore your filters for several months, dirt and debris can build. If this occurs, it will make it difficult for heat to move through your home.

4. Circuit Breakers – Check to make sure to check your circuit breaker or switch box. It is always possible your furnace stopped working because of a tripped circuit. The switch or breaker is usually well-marked.

5. Call a Professional – Once you have walked through the above checklist, and your furnace still will not start, it is time to call a heating professional. Furnaces, boilers ,and water heaters are not safe to work on without expert training.

What haven’t we covered yet that is important to you? If you would like to talk about what to do in a home heating emergency in Minnesota, or need more information, please contact us on 651-294-7798 .