Will Your Air Conditioner Work This Spring?

It’s March 15, and the high today is a record breaking 70°. I just got off the phone with a gentleman that turned his A/C on yesterday to test it, and nothing came on. One of our technicians will be visiting him this afternoon- something that normally doesn’t happen in the middle of March.

One of the most common causes of an A/C not working is a tripped breaker. If your A/C doesn’t come on this weekend, check the breaker in your electrical panel- it may need to be reset, or maybe you turned it off last fall. If it needs to be re-set, it could mean a bad breaker, a loose wire, or a bad capacitor. You should have this looked at since it can lead to more costly repair.

The second most common problem is probably a dirty filter. A dirty filter will restrict air flow moving through the air ducts and can result in frozen A-coils. Check your furnace filter before turning on your A/C. Turn off the power or the fan in the furnace, take the filter out, vacuum out the inside of the duct where your filter sits, and replace with a new filter.

If you’ve tried these 2 possible fixes, call Metro Heating & Cooling at 651-294-7798 or E-mail us.

Enjoy the weather!