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5 Common Air Conditioner Repair Minnesota Services Needed

In the middle of a hot, long summer, there is nothing worse than your AC unit breaking down on you. By booking an air conditioner repair Minnesota service each year, you can ensure your air conditioner is in working order all year-long. However, you can’t always avoid repairs whether it involves fixing the condenser, capacitor or… Read more »

One Important Job Performed By An Air Conditioner’s Filter Drier

In order to optimize both safety and longevity, almost all modern air conditioners contain the component known as a filter drier. Yet many consumers have yet to educate themselves as to the importance of this useful component. If you would like to improve your overall understanding of the air conditioning technology used in your Minnesota… Read more »

When Do You Need Air Duct Cleaning in Minnesota?

The efficiency of your heating and air conditioning system relies on a closed building envelope. Modern homes have an airtight seal, keeping energy from leaking out. However, sealing in heating and cooling energy also means reduces the inflow of outside air. Therefore, dust, mold, bacteria and other contaminants can become trapped. Over time, your air ducts become… Read more »

Three Reasons Furnaces in Minnesota Should Be Serviced in the Summer

While you’re enjoying the cool comfort of your air conditioning, perhaps sipping a nice iced tea, the last thing on your mind is your furnace. After all, it’s so hot outside, and you certainly aren’t going to need it anytime soon. That makes sense, to a point. The truth is that cooler weather is only… Read more »