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Three Tips For Getting Furnaces in Minnesota Ready For Winter

Summer is gone and the temperatures are finally dropping to the comfortable levels that fall brings, and you’re thinking about getting ready for winter. While you might be enjoying the break from the heat, you also need to be ready for the cold that will inevitably come your way. Winter is only a few weeks… Read more »

Weighing Repairs vs. New HVAC in Minnesota Investment Property Decisions

Whether you bought a house to fix and flip or own a rental property in St. Paul Minnesota, most investment properties need furnace and A/C repairs or replacements. When considering repairs versus new¬†HVAC in Minnesota, and you’re thinking about investment property decisions, tax advantages and tenant satisfaction are likely to help to reduce turnover. Your… Read more »

Heating Repairs in Minnesota, the Land of Ice and Snow

To say Minnesota is known for its cold winters would be an understatement. We’re a hardy bunch, but we like to be warm as much as anybody else. That’s why long before the snow comes, we’re putting our ducks in a row to make sure we’re ready to hunker down for a long and hopefully,… Read more »