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Heating Repairs in Minnesota: Signs Your Furnace May Need Service

With winter officially upon us, it is more important than ever that your furnace is functioning properly to avoid costly heating repairs. You should then be on the lookout for signs indicating that you may be in need of heating repairs in Minnesota so that you can have your furnace repaired at the first sign of… Read more »

Furnace Replacement in Minnesota to Bring a Vintage Home up to Date

When you inherit or buy a vintage home, you often have to deal with obsolete heating and cooling systems. Furnace replacement in Minnesota vintage homes requires the expertise of trained technicians. In the 19th century, most Americans relied on coal-fired hot-air systems. By the turn of the century, steam heat replaced the old systems. Whether… Read more »

Efficient Gas Furnace Replacement Options for Minnesota Residents

When it’s time for you to think about gas furnace replacement and you’re in the process of choosing a new furnace for your home, empower yourself with reliable information about all the products and features available to you. Since 1930, Rheem Manufacturing Company has been creating and developing the latest home heating appliances. It is… Read more »

What to Do in a Home Heating Emergency in Minnesota

Minnesota winters are extremely cold and characterized not only by snow but also with sleet and freezing rain. Low temperatures can put your furnace and water heater at the risk of failing, and cause you to have a home heating emergency. A sudden heating failure  could mean an unexpected furnace repair bill which can cause panic. During the cold of winter,… Read more »

First Hour Rating for Water Heaters in Minnesota: More Important than Capacity

The First Hour Rating (FHR) is as equally important as capacity, when it comes to water heaters, and is definitely something you should definitely consider before you buy a new water heater. When in the market for new Water heaters in Minnesota, most homeowners are only concerned with capacity. You may be surprised to know… Read more »