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HVAC in Minnesota: Winterizing a Home

If you haven’t performed any winter HVAC maintenance yet, it’s important to do so for your family’s safety, and winterizing a home is the first thing to do. This starts with changing the air filter in your furnace or heat pump. We recommend doing this monthly, although some filters can last up to three months… Read more »

4 Wintertime Gas Furnace Safety Tips

Natural gas furnaces are the most common type of furnace in the United States, and there is no doubt that they provide quick, warm heat to your home even in the harshest Minnesota winter weather. However, many people worry about their safety. Here are a few wintertime gas furnace safety tips to help keep your family… Read more »

What To Do When One Hot Water Radiator Doesn’t Get Hot

Confused because one radiator doesn’t get hot? Does one hot water radiator refuse to heat up, even when the rest of the system seems to be working fine? Chances are, there’s air trapped in the radiator, preventing the hot water from filling it properly. This is a problem you can generally solve yourself by bleeding… Read more »