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Air Conditioning Minnesota: Installing the Right AC for Your Home

Finding the right air conditioner for your home or commercial property can seem like too expensive of a decision to make. On top of this, figuring out which model will be cost effective as well as offering you the lowest in utility bills can be difficult to rationalize because of the way your square footage… Read more »

Can I Add Central Air Conditioning in a Minnesota Home With Oil Heat?

Probably the most common question we hear from people considering switching to oil heat is the question, “Can I have central air conditioning in a Minnesota home with oil heat?” The short answer is yes We regularly hear myths about oil heating, and customers considering a new heating unit ask us many questions about oil… Read more »

How Long Will my Furnace Last Before I Need to Replace It?

“How long will my furnace last?” It’s a sensible question, and one that we get asked often. We reckon most home furnaces and heat pumps will last between 20 and 30 years. While this is typical, a person could need a furnace replacement as soon as 15 years. However, age is never a good reason… Read more »