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Air Conditioning Maintenance to Perform this Summer in Minnesota

As you have likely already begun using your air conditioner this season, it is important that you perform some routine air conditioning maintenance in order to ensure that your system is ready for the coming summer months,and works properly when you need it. Doing so will help to ensure that your AC works as efficiently… Read more »

Air Conditioner Repair Minnesota: What You Need to Know

Thinking about air conditioner repair Minnesota? Here’s what you need to know. While summer means sun, time spent outdoors, and backyard barbecues, it also means the occasional heatwave. This makes it important that your air conditioner is ready for the coming hot months, and that you have any necessary repairs performed now before it gets… Read more »

Understanding Furnace Air Flow Configuration

A strong, well-working furnace is a necessity when it comes to surviving a long cold Minnesota winter in comfort. Yet not all homes are always able to accommodate a standard furnace design – especially ones that don’t have a basement. Fortunately, that problem can be worked around by selecting a furnace with a different air… Read more »

3 Common Air Conditioning Problems That Arise in the Summer

As the weather gets hotter and hotter, your air conditioning system will be used more and more,  so it’s common for Air conditioning problems to arise in summer. Here’s what to look for. 1. Refrigerant Leak If your refrigerant is low it’s likely to be a refrigerant leak The refrigerant is a liquid that sucks… Read more »

Is it Time to Replace Your Air Conditioning System in Minnesota?

As hard as it may be to believe, summertime is already upon us once again. You may then want to take a moment and ask yourself, is it time to replace your air conditioning system needs to be replaced, You need to ask yourself: Will it be able to keep your home comfortable throughout the coming… Read more »