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Three Steps for Getting Your Air Conditioning Ready for Winter

Air conditioners are important year-round: they keep your home cool during even the boiling Minnesota summers and keep the cold at bay during the winter. But they can only work as well as they are maintained. Here are three things you should do to get your air conditioning unit ready for winter: 1. Schedule a… Read more »

Your Furnace’s High Limit Switch Explained

This article explains the so-called furnace high limit switch. Each of the components in your gas furnace must be capable of operating correctly else your furnace may cease to provide heat. Unfortunately, many homeowners find the multitude of different components a source of serious confusion. Here’s what you need to know. The Basics The furnace… Read more »

Control Your Home’s Air Environment with a Smart Thermostat

Smart thermostats that you can control remotely and automate according to your family’s schedule have widely been popularized as a great way to lower your energy bill during the summer. But they can do just as much in the winter too. They can help to: Lower your heating bill Make your home more comfortable Warm… Read more »

What Should You Do If Your Air Conditioner is Dripping?

If your air conditioner is dripping, it’s a sign of disrepair you can’t afford to ignore. Not only can leaks cause water damage and mildew if they’re left alone too long, they are an indication that some part of your air conditioner is overworking or malfunctioning. What are the most common causes of dripping air… Read more »