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So THAT’S Why You Need A Humidifier

So THAT’S Why You Need A Humidifier In the winter do you notice static shocks? Do your wood floors creek? Do you permanently  have dry skin, dry nasal passages or a constant sore throat? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you probably need a humidifier in your home. When most of us… Read more »

Three Small Signs Your HVAC System Needs an Inspection

Wondering if your HVAC system needs an inspection? Sometimes it’s hard to know if a problem is building up within your HVAC equipment before something goes wrong. The small signs of an overworking or breaking unit are easy to ignore, especially as the weather continues to change. Now is the time to get your furnace… Read more »

How Should You Program Your Thermostat for Winter?

Setting your home’s temperature for winter is always a mix of what people consider comfortable and what the temperature is outside. But other factors can impact how you program your thermostat, including: Your home’s humidity Your windows’ draftiness Your family’s schedule What should you take into consideration when programming your thermostat for winter?  Keep the… Read more »