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4 Reasons Your Furnace May Need a Repair

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Furnace Repair Minneapolis & St. Paul

When you rush through your front door after work ready to collapse from the exhausting day you had, the last thing you expect is to be greeted by the chilly hand of winter, and the thought that your furnace may need a repair.

No! You expect toasty warm air to be flowing out of your vents providing you with a cozy home. You know you paid your electric bill so your house shouldn’t feel chilly.

Of course, when your furnace may need a repair, you want it done yesterday. So, before your heater has a problem, it’s helpful to understand some of the things that may go wrong with it.

Here are 4 typical scenarios people with furnace issues deal with.

1. The furnace is not blowing hot enough

When you want heat, you don’t want to feel cool-ish air. While gas heat is typically hotter than electric heat when it comes out of the vents, no furnace should feel lukewarm.

When your house does not feel warm enough but continues to run, then one of many things could be causing it.

Here are the most common.

Airflow blockage

Something may be hindering the air from getting through the ducts and out the vents.

There may be dirt, debris, or even a mouse that has gotten in.

An experienced HVAC technician will be able to clear out the ducts and get the airflow at optimum efficiency.

Dirty filter

Dirt is a big problem for furnaces.

A dirty filter doesn’t allow good airflow either which makes the home feel cooler than it should.

However, with annual furnace maintenance this won’t be an issue.


You may have a problem with the blower itself.

If it’s not blowing the warm air out efficiently, it will need repair or replacement.

2. The furnace is making strange sounds

There are different sounds a furnace may make, and some are normal whilst others indicate a problem.

If the furnace makes a banging type noise upon starting to blow or at the end of the cycle, it’s most likely just the sound of the duct work expanding and contracting.

However, if the noise is occurring in the middle of the cycle, on and off sporadically, or continuously, then something else is going on.

3. The furnace isn’t blowing air

If your furnace is not blowing anything out of the vents, then you obviously won’t have heat.

When this happens, it usually means your belt is broken, and a new belt should solve the problem.

4. The furnace won’t turn off

When you set your thermostat for a certain temperature, it senses when the room has reached that temperature and then switches off.

However, if it continues to run you may have your thermostat set wrong – you need to make sure it is set on AUTO, not ON.

ON tells the thermostat to keep blowing and circulating air.

If your settings are correct, then you may have a problem with your fan limit switch, and you will need to book an HVAC technician to investigate whether it needs to be replaced.


Making sure you are prepared for heater repairs means connecting with a reputable heating and cooling contractor.

Metro Heating & Cooling have a dedicated team of experienced staff ready to assist you with all of your heater and heating issues.

If your furnace heating isn’t working as it should do, and you think your furnace may need a repair, then Contact us today at (651) 294-7798 for more information.




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