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4 Tips to Prepare Your Air Conditioner for the Summer

Spring is finally here and anyone who isn’t still buried under snow from the winter storms can feel the better weather as it starts to warm up.

While you may not be ready to fire up the home AC, the moment will come when you realize that the furnace isn’t running and your home is actually… warm!

As we all know, whenever your bedroom or home office rises above 75 degrees (for me), it’s time to start cooling. It’s important to remember that cooling your home involves a lot more than simply flipping that switch on your thermostat – there’s a large appliance with many moving parts connected to your home’s ductwork and that appliance has been out of use for months while your furnace took over.

If you want to make sure that your AC is safe and ready to withstand the demands the summer is about to require, it’s best to go through a quick maintenance checklist.

Here’s how to prepare:

1) Change Your Air Filter

This is very important.

You need to change your filter every couple months in order to keep your home healthy and efficient.

Replacing your filter keeps the air inside your house fresh and helps the furnace blower motor run more efficiently. When the air filters are clogged, it forces your AC to work harder and use more electricity, not to mention lowering your air quality.

2) Clean and Inspect the AC Unit

If you’re able, its a great idea to spray the air conditioner off once a year, ensuring the condenser is able to breathe.

Make sure there are no signs of moisture where there shouldn’t be any around your furnace, once Air conditioning season starts.

If you do see any concerning wear, puddles, or apparent damage, consider calling for a professional inspection to make sure your unit is safe and in good repair.

3) Clean the Vents and Ducts

Most people never give a single thought for their vents and ducts, but every puff of conditioned air in your home travels through these channels.

Now take a look at your vents.

We strongly suggest taking down your vent covers and vacuuming the ducts as best you can.

4) Check the Breaker

Home air conditioning (or heating) takes up the vast majority of a home’s power use, rivaled only by the dryer and the refrigerator. This means that the highest chance of breaker issues is the moment your AC kicks on and starts cooling for the first time in months.


Summer is a hard time for air conditioning units and slowly waking yours up from its winter sleep is the best way to make sure your unit is able to run all summer long.

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