5 Tips on Getting your A/C Ready for the Summer!

Spring has gone, and you’re thinking about getting your A/C ready for the summer.

Is your air conditioning unit ready for the heat?

Let’s explore five ways that you can be sure that your air conditioner is ready for the summer!

1. Clean or Change Your Filter

This should be done at least once a month.

Your unit may have reusable filters that can be cleaned with water or you may have disposable filters that require replacement.

Either way this is very important. Dirty and dusty filters make your air conditioner work harder to deliver the comfortable air that you want so make sure that you keep them clean.

2. Clean Your Outdoor Unit

You want to be sure that there is nothing blocking the equipment of your outdoor unit.

Foliage growth, lawn clippings, and other obstructions can cause your unit to run less efficiently.

Keeping the outdoor unit clean and free of resistance will make for a more comfortable summer as your unit delivers cool air to your home.

3. Clean Your Indoor Ductwork

This will require professional air duct cleaning to get the whole system clean.

You will be able to clean the visible areas and inspect them to ensure that there is no water damage, but it is not advisable for you to attempt to clean your whole duct work system.

This is an extensive job that should be handled by a professional to ensure that you don’t damage your air conditioning system.

4. Ensure That the Fan Belts on the Outdoor Unit are In Good Shape

Replace these parts if necessary – you can pick up fan belts at your local hardware store and replace them yourself.

As long as you make sure that you buy the right belts for your unit, having new belts helps your machine run more efficiently and it lowers your energy bills too!

5. Have a Professional Come Out and Tune it Up

Before the summer really gets into full swing have a professional come out to your residence and tune up your air conditioning unit and do basic maintenance on the unit.

Getting a seasonal tune up is also a good idea because a professional will be able to spot problem areas before they become big money investments to fix.


Getting your A/C ready for the summer is much easier when your prepare in advance.

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