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Air Conditioning Repair Services: When Your AC Needs Repair

When your AC needs repair there are usually a few symptoms that you may have previously missed.

No matter how good you are at keeping your air conditioning in good condition or how often you fix small problems to keep them from becoming bigger ones, you will inevitably have to repair it sooner or later.

Here’s a few things to watch out for with your air conditioner.

Indoor Coil

First off, it’s good to make sure your indoor coil is draining properly.

If the coil is draining incorrectly it can cause your furnace to rust (potentially causing a rusty heat exchanger)

Air Flow

There are also a number of other problems that can affect your AC, often to do with airflow.

Sometimes, the problem is a lack of proper airflow, or the air conditioner not sending air out properly or at a fast enough speed to do its job properly.

This means that your AC isn’t working as efficiently or effectively as it should be doing.

It might also be costing you more to run, and not keeping you as cool as it should do.


We also recommend getting a service and tune on your air conditioner annually, as this will ensure smooth operation.


Keeping your air conditioner clean and well maintained is an important part of ensuring that it will continue to do its job properly, but every unit needs repairs and maintenance sometimes.

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