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Are You Using the Right Furnace Filter?

Are you using the right furnace filter? It’s a question we ask quite often.

Experts recommend to change your furnace filter every month if it’s 1” wide or every 6 months if it’s 4” wide. In this post, we will talk about which filter to use and the importance of  changing them on time.

When to change your filter

We recommend changing your filter as soon as someone in your home gets sick.

One of the best ways to prevent the spread of a cold or the flu is to maintain clean air quality.

Change your filter so it stays in optimal condition.

Not only do you want to limit your household’s exposure to germs, you can also get rid of irritants or dander that stresses your family’s respiratory systems.

What different types of air filters are there?

Different brands refer to their different tiers of air conditioners by different names, but they usually break into four different types based on the material.

They include:

1. Fiberglass filters

These are the plain, default filters that you can find at any big box store.

They work well to block most contaminants, and they’re certainly better than no filter at all, they are the least able to trap smaller particles.

2. Pleated filters

Pleated filters have accordion folds, and that’s how they rank higher than fiberglass sheets.

That extra surface area helps trap more particles, and that means you get better air quality. However, that extra boost in performance means a slightly higher price tag.

3. Electrostatic filters

These filters are built to make particles and contaminants cling to the filter through electrostatic instead of just being a barrier.

If you’re worried about dust or any of your family member’s sensitivity to dust, electrostatic filters might be the best choice.

4. HEPA filters

HEPA filters block the most. They’re built to both catch more particles and catch smaller particles, and that can drastically improve your home’s air quality.

However, because these filters catch nearly everything, it’s very important to stay on schedule to replace them. If you leave the same filter in place, it will fill up and obstruct your air conditioning system. In turn, the motor will work too hard and you will wear out your system.


The type of air filter you need depends on your air conditioner model and what your main concern is, but air filters also aren’t the only tool for improving your air quality.

A humidifier and dehumidifier can also give you more control, and an air quality test will let you know if there are deeper problems than the level of filtration of the air.

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