Bath Fans And Why You Need Them

The main reason for having a bath fan, also known as an “exhaust fan,” is to remove moisture out of the bathroom.

The fan can also eliminate odors, which is the main reason why many people flip the switch to the fan when entering a bathroom.

The Benefits Of Bath Fans

Odor Control

As stated above, odor control is the main reason why people have a bath fan.

The exhaust fan helps to easily draw the odor out of the room, making the bathroom experience a much more pleasant one.

The fan also facilitates a more pleasant atmosphere for the next person to enter.



A bath fan has the ability to suck the warm air out of the home, which can increase your energy bill.


When you clean your bathroom, you may do so with aggressive chemicals.

Bathrooms aren’t always the largest rooms in homes, so being closed up in a small room with cleaning chemicals can create a safety issue.

Inhaled chemicals can hurt the lungs, cause a person to pass out, and cause other respiratory issues.

Exposure to a high concentration of cleaning chemicals is especially harmful to children.

Turning on the exhaust can rid the bathroom of the fumes, making bathroom cleaning much safer and pleasant.

If the bathroom is having a mold issue, turning on the fan can remove the buildup of mold spores floating in the air.

This helps slow down mold growth.

Humidity Control

Reducing the humidity in the bathroom is important to its physical condition, as any room that has to deal with excess moisture will fall victim to it.

Bathrooms are frequently moist, but not controlling it can cause the wallpaper and paint to peel, and bathroom doors have even been known to warp.

To make matters worse, humidity can cause mold to accumulate. Mold can become toxic.

Even when it isn’t toxic, it can cause respiratory issues and other health problems.

Once you have a mold problem, it can be difficult to get rid of. If it is growing in an area that is constantly moist, it can grow out of control.

A lot of times, the mold has already overtaken the inside of a wall before it is seen on the outside. A bathroom exhaust fan can prevent this from happening.

Professional Installation vs. DIY

The reasons to have bath fans installed in your bathrooms are good reasons. However, many people don’t have them because they feel they are too loud.

Loudness tends to be the issue when the fan isn’t installed properly. Older fans can also be loud, which is why it is good to invest in a newer fan that is going to be more energy efficient and effective anyway.

When you have a professional exhaust fan installer install the fan, it is going to be as quiet as it can possibly be and it is going to be insulated properly.

Professional installation also means that the fan will be properly insulated so that warm air doesn’t escape into the attic.


Overall, the bathroom exhaust fan is a very important tool that should be in your home.

When opting for one, it is good to choose professional installation so you know everything is done correctly and that you are getting the highest quality fan for your bathroom.

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