Get High-Quality AC Repair in Minneapolis and St. Paul

Minnesota is famous for cold winters, but our summers can be just as extreme. At Metro Heating & Cooling, we know that malfunctioning air conditioning systems can be uncomfortable or even dangerous. That’s why all of our services come with fast responses, quick service, and long-term results that will keep your home cool. We Troubleshoot… Read more »

Installing AC in Homes with Radiators

At one time, radiators were the go-to heating source for Twin Cities homes. If you own an older residence, there’s a good chance you still have a boiler heating your home. You might also be wondering how to keep your house cool, since radiators do not come with any sort of cooling capability. Just because… Read more »

Air Conditioning Preventative Maintenance

Twin Cities Premier Air Conditioning Experts Now that summer is upon us once more, you will likely be relying heavily on your air conditioner to keep your home comfortable. Considering the important role your home’s AC plays during the summer, it is critical that you take care of your air conditioner and have it serviced… Read more »

Why Is Metro Heating & Cooling Ranked Among the Best in Minnesota?

What does it take for a business to become one of the most highly ranked in its industry? It begins with a commitment to excellent standards that include impeccable customer service, honest and accurate pricing, and a knowledgeable team of professionals. That’s what the 43 trained and certified service techs at Metro Heating & Cooling, LLC provide… Read more »

Where Were You In The Minnesota Blizzard Of 2019?

For the last few weeks, Minnesota and the Midwest have been hit hard by extreme winter weather conditions.  Minnesota is no stranger to extremely cold weather.  The polar vortex gave us extremely cold temperatures that shocked the nation. After that, humidity built up and we got over 30″ of snow in February alone! Highways, cities,… Read more »