St. Paul, MN Heating & Air Conditioning Expert Should Check Your HVAC

For the sake of maintenance, safety, and efficiency, it’s time to let a St. Paul, MN heating & air conditioning expert check your HVAC and the condition of your furnace. WCCO-TV reporter Bill Hudson filed a report about how having an efficient HVAC system can translate into big savings on utility bills, and he highlighted… Read more »

Your Heating & Air Conditioning in Maplewood, MN: Knowing the Parts

Knowing the parts of An efficient  heating & air conditioning system in Maplewood, MN is important to make sure that it would do its job of keeping you warm or cool, depending on the season. When all the components of the system are functioning properly, you can be better assured that you will get comfortable indoor… Read more »

Heating in St Paul, MN: Beware of Cost Saving Myths

Various tips and advice on how to save money on home heating usually come up during winter, but many of these turn out to be heating cost saving myths. Before applying them to your heating & air conditioning in St. Paul, MN dig further and do more research, as many of these may simply be a myth… Read more »

Why are the rooms in my house different temperatures?

“Why are the rooms in my house different temperatures?” It’s a question we get asked a lot. Everyone knows what it’s like to have that one room that is colder than all the others. Whether it is at home, school, or even work, we have all experienced this. In the hot summer’s this may be… Read more »

Increase the Lifespan of Your Water Heater

The water heater in your home has an ideal lifespan of around 15 years. A lot of times, because of a lack of maintenance, they need to be replaced after only 10 years or sooner. With the proper maintenance, your water heater can last a lot longer than that. Here’s what you can do to… Read more »