The Benefits Of A Whole-House Humidifier

The Benefits of an Aprilaire Humidifier for Your Home In the beginning of last January, I was waking up nearly every morning with a sore throat, along with overly dry skin. When my dog Spud came to me for attention, I was unintentionally giving him a jolt of static shock. He didn’t appreciate it; he… Read more »

Get Ready For a Cold Minnesota Winter- Have Your Furnace Cleaned and Tuned

Many people call Metro Heating & Cooling with the questions about getting their boiler or furnace cleaned and tuned Should I do a tune up on my furnace? I always start out asking how old their furnace is, and when their equipment was serviced last. If it’s over 4 years old, you should have it… Read more »

Money Saving Options

Everyone is looking for ways to save money whether it’s at the gas station, grocery store, or everyday expenses such as your gas or electricity bill. There are options homeowners have to lower the costs of their electricity bill, while still using their air conditioner on those hot and humid summer days. How can you… Read more »

Make Sure Your Air Conditioner Works BEFORE The Heat Comes

With the summer months approaching quickly, many people will be turning on their air conditioner for the first time in 7 or 8 months. They will start up the unit on a hot and humid day only to find that their air conditioner doesn’t work; no cool air is being produced. They start to make… Read more »

The Reason to Tune-up Your Air Conditioner

Not sure you need to tune-up your air conditioner? Have you ever had to buy a new air conditioning system for your home? Air conditioning is a huge investment, which requires regular maintenance in order to ensure comfort during hot and humid summer days. Everyone would like to prolong their A/C’s life span while getting the… Read more »