Make Sure Your Air Conditioner Works BEFORE The Heat Comes

With the summer months approaching quickly, many people will be turning on their air conditioner for the first time in 7 or 8 months. They will start up the unit on a hot and humid day only to find that their air conditioner doesn’t work; no cool air is being produced. They start to make… Read more »

The Reason to Tune-up Your Air Conditioner

Not sure you need to tune-up your air conditioner? Have you ever had to buy a new air conditioning system for your home? Air conditioning is a huge investment, which requires regular maintenance in order to ensure comfort during hot and humid summer days. Everyone would like to prolong their A/C’s life span while getting the… Read more »


My name is Dave Reiland, the owner of Metro Heating & Cooling. I am writing this letter on a warm February afternoon, in which I am thrilled and delighted about it being over 40! Maybe that’s why I am in the HVAC industry; I just can’t stand Minnesota winter and feel it necessary to provide… Read more »