St. Paul Boilers

Metro Heating and Cooling is proud to carry a line of industry leading boilers to fit any St. Paul home.

We are dedicated to providing you with the right heating system that fits your budget and your needs.

Metro Heating and Cooling has picked Peerless as our #1 brand for boilers because of their affordability and dependability.

Through experience, technology and innovation, Peerless continues to be a top manufacturer in the hydronic heating industry.

Call us at (651) 294-7798 for more information about Peerless boilers, and why we recommend them for your home.

peerless-boiler Peerless MI/MIH Series (VIEW PDF)

  • Our most popular boiler
  • Natural Draft (Chimney) Venting; Up to 83.8% AFUE
  • Standing Pilot or Intermittent Ignition
  • Low profile design, allowing the boiler to be installed in areas with low ceilings.
  • Deluxe Insulated Enameled Steel Jacket Reduces Boiler
  • Heat Loss
  • Limited Lifetime warranty on the cast iron heat exchanges


Peerless PF-80 Series (VIEW PDF)

  • Sealed combustion, direct vent; 97.3% AFUE
  • Qualifies for Energy Star Rebates
  • The most thoroughly tested high efficiency boiler on the market
  • Available in 6 sizes
  • Factory Tested, Pre-Mixed Gas Burner Technology
  • Outdoor Reset Capability
  • State of the Art Control Board


Burnham ES2 High Efficiency Cast Iron Boiler (VIEW PDF)

  • The only 85% AFUE Natural Draft (Chimney) Vent Cast Iron Boiler Available
  • Qualifies for Energy Star Rebates
  • Efficient Operation Saves Homeowners Money
  • Innovative Design, Made in America
  • Ideal Replacement for Millions of Existing Boiler Installations
  • Burnham IQ Control System
  • 7 sizes; 70, 280 MBH