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How to Keep Your Condenser Unit Free of Leaves and Weeds

Now that October is nearly over, most of us have a daily deluge of autumn leaves coating our yards, so it’s a good time to learn how to keep your air conditioner condenser unit free of leaves and weeds. While it’s easy enough to rake up the leaves from the grass, cleaning up the leaves… Read more »

How to Clean Your AC Condenser

Your air conditioner has two major components, the evaporator inside and the condenser outside. The efficiency and effectiveness of the condenser is largely dependent on keeping the unit clean. It is a necessary part of maintenance, so we’ll give you some basic tips on how to clean your AC condenser. 1. Power The first step… Read more »

Don’t Ignore these Minor Issues that can Lead Major Air Conditioner Problems

Why do major air conditioner problems occur? Air conditioning units always seem to choose the hottest day to stop working. While many homeowners see this as unfortunate luck, it is likely that the failure is due to one or more long-standing AC issues that they ignored or never bothered to investigate or address. Here are three… Read more »

Cleaning Your Air Conditioner in the Spring- DON’T POWER WASH IT !

Cleaning your air conditioner may seem like a waste of time in winter, but it’ll soon be spring. Winter is almost over, it doesn’t seem like it because the south Metro just got 9 inches of snow this week. But it’s almost over and signs of Spring are here! The time of using your furnace… Read more »

Spring A/C Tune Up

This is the perfect time to get your Air Conditioning tuned up for the coming summer months. Most of us don’t like those humid July days when the temperatures rise above 85°- we all need our A/C during these times. If you get your A/C tuned up now, the chances of it failing later in… Read more »