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Where Were You In The Minnesota Blizzard Of 2019?

For the last few weeks, Minnesota and the Midwest have been hit hard by extreme winter weather conditions.  Minnesota is no stranger to extremely cold weather.  The polar vortex gave us extremely cold temperatures that shocked the nation. After that, humidity built up and we got over 30″ of snow in February alone! Highways, cities,… Read more »

Heating Repair and Furnace Installation for Minnesota Winter

Winter weather has hit Minnesota and more is on the way. Metro Heating and Cooling Service is available 24/7 for repairing your furnace or boiler. We will quickly install a new furnace if one is needed. Replacement New heating and cooling systems are about 96% efficient with an Annual Fuel Efficiency Rating. This is listed… Read more »

Don’t Be Surprised by An Unexpected Heating Repair or Furnace Installation

Twin Cities Area Heating Repairs & Furnace Installation Winter is coming, and soon we’ll be experiencing the fury of flurries and storms. This is the time of the year we have a significant number of calls for heating repair and furnace installation. Don’t let yourself face an oncoming blizzard with a broken furnace. A little planning… Read more »

Replacing The Furnace – How Do You Know When It’s Time?

Furnace Repair Minneapolis & St. Paul Area Having a reliable furnace, one that you can count on during the most frigid temperatures, is one of the most important things to have in order to ensure a safe and comfortable winter.  Especially for Minnesotans, a working furnace can mean the difference between keeping your family and… Read more »

Why is My Forced-Air Furnace Leaking Water?

  Minneapolis-St. Paul Forced Air Furnace Repair “Why is my furnace leaking water?” It’s a question we get asked a lot. Homeowners like you need reliable and working heating. So if you find your furnace leaking water, you will be understandably dismayed and concerned. Discover a few reasons why your high-efficiency gas forced-air furnace is… Read more »