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Bath Fans: The Benefits of Adding an Exhaust Fan to Your Bathroom

Unsurprisingly, bathrooms tend to be amongst the most humid and damp places in a home, primarily due to steam from showers and a lack of ventilation. However, when bathrooms have excess moisture this can cause a variety of problems such as mold growth and structural damage. This makes it important that all bathrooms have a… Read more »

Humidification System Installation

The winter isn’t only time for snow, it’s also time for the air in homes to get so dry that family members often experience static shocks. With dry air, wood floors crave moisture, there isn’t enough skin lotion to keep skin moisturized, and eyes become dry. Dry air even has a negative effect on long… Read more »

Bath Fans And Why You Need Them

The main reason for having a bath fan, also known as an “exhaust fan,” is to remove moisture out of the bathroom. The fan can also eliminate odors, which is the main reason why many people flip the switch to the fan when entering a bathroom. The Benefits Of Bath Fans Odor Control As stated… Read more »