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Need A Professional Plumbing Company for Your Commercial Property?

Commercial plumbing services meet the needs of business and industry. But our purview really is broader than that, serving virtually any nonresidential establishment, such as a school, a municipal facility such as a firehouse, or any of the range of nonprofit organizations. Following is a fairly complete rundown of the types of  facilities that we can service:

  • Sports arenas and related facilities
  • Supermarkets and other food businesses
  • Nursing homes
  • Educational facilities at all levels
  • Government facilities, including airports
  • Restaurants
  • Travel accommodations of all kinds, such as motels
  • Offices of businesses
  • Health care facilities of all kinds


Summarizing our commercial plumbing services

To summarize the scope of commercial plumbing services we provide:

  • Visits to locate problems or prevent potential problems
  • Installing or upgrading equipment
  • Maintaining systems with regular cleaning and other servicing
  • Making emergency repairs
  • Servicing clogged or leaking faucets, toilets, and other equipment

An unfortunately belated sign that a facility may have silent leaks, including within the walls, is the arrival of a monthly water bill that is sky-high. Leaks can occasion unpleasantly high bills by wasting gallons of water a month while still escaping notice. We always can locate the problem and stop the leaks and the drain on the budget.

Metro Heating and Cooling, located in St. Paul and serving the Twin Cities area, offers comprehensive plumbing services that are integrated with our additional specialties of heating, air conditioning, protecting indoor air quality, and installing water heaters.

 Our business and professional commitments

Our commitment to fielding an honest and ethical team of professionals and providing fair and affordable services has earned us an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau and literally thousands of positive comments and recommendations from those we serve.

Since we began in 2009, we have assembled a top team of plumbing professionals who possess more than 400 years of combined HVAC and plumbing experience. Our 50 employees are trained to the most exacting standards and certified in both residential and commercial heating, air conditioning, and plumbing.

When you are seeking new or replacement equipment of any kind, our technicians are thinking only in terms of meeting your needs with the best product at the best price. They are never paid any commission for selling equipment. And we offer warranties on our equipment that match the highest industry standards.

When unexpected problems arise that may strain the budget of your business, you should be aware that we often can provide no-downpayment, deferred interest plans to see you through unanticipated major expenses.

Our abiding commitment is to sell and install the spectrum of equipment for systems that enhance the comfort, safety, and efficiency of our customers in nonresidential facilities of every kind. And we service and maintain those systems to keep your business or nonprofit organization running at full speed whatever the season.

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And check back at our website frequently for specials, season discounts, information about our “Comfort Club,” and seasonal reminders of maintenance service you might require. We regularly feature blogs on new equipment, new strategies, and guides to improving the healthfulness, comfort, and efficiency of your business environment.

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