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Deciding Between Humidifiers and HVAC in Minnesota Homes

Minnesota homeowners looking to improve the air quality and overall comfort in their homes have two very different options to choose between: purchasing a humidifier, or replacing their entire heating and cooling system.

In terms of the overall investment, that’s quite a large gap, to put it lightly. So, how do you decide what’s best for you and your family?

To honor the grand old tradition of looking before you leap, here are three quick tips on choosing between a humidifier or a HVAC system for your Minnesota home.

Think: Is the indoor air always dry, or just when it’s cold outside?

Dry air is a major bother for families. Itchy skin, chapped lips, and other health issues, potentially escalating all the way up to respiratory infections. If your home has this issue, you’ll undoubtedly notice.

Cold weather correlates with dry air, which is usually easily fixed by installing a humidifier to run only when needed. However, if cooling your home during warmer weather still leads to the symptoms of living with dry air, you may need to have a professional take a look at your HVAC and diagnose any potential issues.

Take note of the size of your home

Whole-home humidifiers enhance air quality in concert with your existing HVAC system. That produces an even result that works for most homes, but smaller dwellings might be better off looking at smaller solutions.

During cold, dry weather, smaller homes with a properly functioning HVAC system should have no problem get humidity up to reasonable levels through normal household activities, like boiling water and showering.

If your smaller home struggles with dry air, a humidifier might just be a putting a bandage on the problem instead of solving it. Your HVAC is a likelier culprit.

Track your energy bills

There’s an easy way to find out whether your current HVAC solution might be the root cause of a dry air problem: poor HVAC performance correlates directly with your energy bill.

If you have ongoing symptoms of living with dry air and a high energy bill to match, it’s time to involve a heating and air technician.

In the long run, the best choice is always the most efficient one. It’ll save you money, and potentially prevent further issues down the line. Use these three tips, along with advice from a local specialist, to decide whether you need to install a hull-home humidifier or overhaul your HVAC entirely.


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