Don’t Ignore these Minor Issues that can Lead Major Air Conditioner Problems

Air conditioning units always seem to choose the hottest day to stop working.

While many homeowners see this as unfortunate luck, it is likely that the failure is due to a long-standing problem that they ignored or never bothered to address.

Here are three common oversights that are certain to result in inevitable problems for your air conditioning unit.

1. Never replacing the Air Filter

A dirty air filter causes the unit to work harder, because once too much dirt and debris gets on the filter, air can’t pass through as easily.

This not only decreases its energy efficiency (and costs you more in monthly bills) but it also puts unnecessary stress on the system.

Change the filter every 4-6 weeks during peak use to keep your air conditioning unit running smoothly at its highest efficiency.

2. Ignoring Low Refrigerant

Refrigerant is a liquid agent contained in the coils of the air conditioner that helps the unit maintain cool airflow.

Without enough refrigerant, the unit will struggle to maintain optimum temperature.

Low refrigerant could also indicate a leak, which should be repaired as soon as possible to avoid potentially dangerous chemicals seeping into the ground as well as the possibility of unit failure.

If you notice ice build-up on the outside of the condenser, it is likely your refrigerant is low.

3. Never Cleaning the Condenser

The outside unit of your air conditioner helps disperse heat from the unit’s condenser coil.

If the coil is dirty or covered in debris, that heat cannot escape as efficiently.

This prevents the refrigerant from properly cooling and could lead to poor operating performance or additional strain on the system.

Keeping the outside unit clean and free of debris should be done seasonally – add it to the list of yard work!


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