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Metro Heating & Cooling is proud to offer full service professional drain clearing services in the Minneapolis and St. Paul  area. We are your one stop shop for all drain cleaning & clearing needs. Serving in the Minneapolis & St. Paul area. Our highly skilled technicians are fully equipped with all necessary equipment to provide you with the proper assessment and repairs you need. Drains can become blocked by various types of debris. A blockage can consist of mineral deposits, oil, grease, tissue & wipes, hair, and more.

Whether you have a slow drain or completely clogged drain, we’re ready to help with our mainline drain clearing technicians! Metro Heating & Cooling, LLC is fully equipped to clear kitchen, bathroom, shower, basement, laundry or main drains for Minnesota homeowners. Think you might have a collapsed line or need emergency service? We can help with that too!

Our drain technicians are affordable, honest, reliable and tidy. We offer drain cleaning services with a warranty that guarantees your line will stay clear.

Trust the Minneapolis & St. Paul Areas Drain Cleaning Experts

Our trustworthy technicians will provide you with an in-depth analysis and only recommend the necessary repairs. Metro Heating & Cooling will give you the peace of mind you need to make any key decisions before our work begins. Our technicians are not paid based on commission; their only incentive is to provide you with the highest quality service in town.

Metro Heating & Cooling: The Drain Cleaning Services You Need

Our Company offers multiple professional services to help with your blocked drains.

  • Same day dispatch and service
  • $99 diagnostic fee is waived with purchase
  • We’re quick and clean
  • We only recommend necessary repairs
  • Expert advice from professional, licensed, reliable, and certified technicians
  • Upfront pricing, honest and affordable pricing

Complete Your Drain Cleaning Evaluation Near St. Paul, MN

Most people don’t put much thought into their homes drains on a regular basis. However, something always seems to go awry at the worst possible time. Before you look in your cabinet for the drain cleaner you recently purchased, remember that drain cleaners can cause more harm than good in the long run. There are key warning signs you should look for to avoid having a drain-clogging nightmare turn into a reality.

Slow-moving drain- If you notice your bathtub, shower, sink, etc. are taking longer than usual to drain, there is probably a clog somewhere in your drain. If you leave any of your drains to their own devices, it can quickly turn into a bigger problem.

Frequent clogs- Does it seem as if you are always faced with a clog that is slowing down your drains? If you recently took care of a clog and are faced with another one, this could be due to a larger issue in the line.

Unpleasant smells- Unpleasant and strange odors never make for an enjoyable experience. The odors you smell can are caused by sludge and sewage build up inside your drain.  These odors usually emanate from the drain itself and are often localized to it. If you can smell something funky coming from your sink, call us today to find out how to fix this common issue.

Strange noises– Strange or unusual noises coming from your drains could be a sign that they need cleaning. A clogged drain is more likely to make gurgling or bubbling noises as the water drains from it.

Backflow- When a drain is clogged, there’s a slim chance that the clog will prevent flow to the main sewer line, leading to debris to flow back into your system. The thought of sewage flowing back up into your system after being removed once is a horrible one, and should be fixed before the issue gets worse.

How to Avoid Clogging Your Minneapolis & St. Paul MN Drains

While not every clog can be prevented, you can save cost in the future by avoiding certain habits that may lead to requiring a drain cleaning in the future.

  • Dispose of oils and cooking grease using the garbage as opposed to washing it down the drain
  • Try to prevent hair or other debris from entering the drain by using strainers whenever possible
  • Scrape food scraps or other leftovers into the garbage before washing or wiping the plate
  • Flush only waste and toilet paper down the toilet

How is a Main Sewer Line Clog Cleared?

Clogs that occur in the main sewer line are a fairly large job that require the help of a professional team to repair. These clogs are often fixed by using an auger to clear the drains and remove the blockage. Particularly stubborn clogs may require hydro jetting, which is another service that is offered.

The professional heating & cooling team are trained, experienced and equipped in order to solve these issues in a timely and appropriate manner. We also offer sewer line cleaning and repair.

Call the Experts at Metro Heating & Cooling For All Your Drain Cleaning Needs

Our drain specialists provide professional same-day service 7 days a week to the Minneapolis and St. Paul areas for clogged drain cleaning and clearing. It does not matter if you are dealing with one drain that is causing problems or a bigger problem, our technicians can handle it. Are you wondering what our professional technicians can do for your slow or clogged drains and pipes that online suggestions, home remedies, and chemical cleaners cannot fix?

Call or contact our company today if you have:

  • Slow drains
  • Clogged sewer lines
  • Clogged bathroom sinks
  • Clogged toilets
  • Clogged laundry tub
  • Clogged kitchen sinks
  • Clogged garbage disposals
  • Clogged floor drain

Cleaning and clearing your drains and lines does not have to be a stressful task. Before this turns into an emergency, schedule routine drain cleaning/clearing with Metro Heating & Cooling. This can save you hundreds or thousands of dollars worth of damage caused by frequently clogged drains.

We even offer drain and sewer camera inspection services which help identify any potential issues with your drain.

Drain Cleaning Minneapolis – Schedule Your Drain Cleaning Appointment Today

If you have a problem drain, do not delay — call the company today at 651-294-7798. We will have your drains cleaned and cleared up in no time. At Metro Heating & Cooling, we take pride in offering outstanding and professional services and exceptional value to our customers in the Twin Cities. Schedule your drain cleaning appointment now and get your drains and pipes moving smoothly again.

Schedule a HVAC repair anywhere in the Minneapolis or St. Paul area today by calling (651) 294-7798 or by requesting an estimate online.


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