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Energy Efficiency Tips for the Summer for Your AC Unit – Four Tips

Having a cool place to relax in the summer can make your home feel like an oasis, but if your AC unit is running non-stop, this can get expensive!!

There are plenty of factors that can lead to AC overuse, such as:

  • Family members cranking down the temperature
  • AC unit that needs service
  • General cooling deficiencies throughout your home

Here are four energy efficiency tips to help lower your power bill and save your AC unit from overuse.

1. Installing Fans

A great way to keep your AC unit from having to work overtime is to install ceiling fans and invest in a few moveable floor fans as well.

Utilizing cool air in the evenings and throughout the night can be a great way to get temperature down throughout your home and delay having to get AC going first thing in the morning.

Keep ceiling fans running to offer a constant breeze, keeping your home cooler and circulating airflow.

Standing fans can be strategically placed by open windows early in the morning, these can pull in cool air from the outside and give your home a head start for the day.

2. Dark Blinds

I love the sun shining through my windows, but a great way to keep your home cooler is to do everything you can to keep the heat out.

If you have sunshine coming through your windows in the warmer months, this won’t give your AC unit a fighting chance throughout the day.

Darker blinds don’t need to be used year-round, but can be a great heat blocker during certain times of the day and year.

If you love the look of natural light, try to enjoy this in the morning and evenings and keep your home as closed up as much as possible during the day.

3. Educate Kids

It can be hard to convince kids that are home for the summer that running the AC all day long as a bad idea for your family’s budget.

Spend a little time explaining to your kids the benefits of conserving energy. My dad had a seventh sense –  the thermostat. Dads always seem to know when someone is messing with the thermostat.

4. Have Your AC Unit Serviced

There might always be a few really hot days in the summer where you can’t escape the heat and your AC unit will need to be your saving grace.

This can be the worst time for units to fail, and in turn can be a popular time for homeowners to call in for emergency service.

If you can stay ahead of the game and have your AC unit serviced periodically, then your air conditioner will be ready to go with new filters and parts for peak performance.

Even if your AC unit specialist finds larger issues during annual maintenance, it is better to catch and fix problems early on rather than when you need your air conditioning the most.


It is always nice to have the cool comfort of a working AC unit throughout the summer.

If you can take a few steps to ensure your air conditioner is working properly and isn’t overused, you will ultimately stay cooler throughout the season.

Getting your home and family on board with cooling down your home and not overusing your AC unit should be your first step.

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