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Five Ways Your Pets Might be Causing HVAC Issues

When it comes to general home maintenance, there are always going to be home repairs and upkeep that are needed because of pets, but here are five ways your pets might be causing HVAC issues.

If you know what common HVAC issues can arise, you can minimize wear and tear over time caused by your dogs or cats.

1. Shedding Pets Can Clog Vents

By no fault of their own, pets who shed will have little control where their hair ends up, and one place that might be a target is your internal HVAC ventilation system.

Fur and dander can easily sneak into intake vents, especially if these are located at the floor level.

If you vacuum in and around vents as part of your cleaning routine, you can catch most fur and dander before this reaches filters.

It’s a good idea to keep up on grooming needs for pets as well, for their sake and your home’s overall upkeep!

2. Overused Filters

While you might feel as if you are keeping up with HVAC maintenance recommendations and changing filters, if you have pets, your heating and cooling system might need a little more attention.

Much like your vents, you probably have more fur and dander circulating through your HVAC system than others might.

Your HVAC specialist can make a personalized recommendation for your home when it comes to a schedule for changing out filters.

Changing your filter will keep your HVAC system running more efficiently.

3. Accidentally Closing Vents

If you have vents that are low to the ground, this might become your pet’s favorite spot during cold winters or hot summers.

Your pets might inadvertently close vents, causing air flow in your home to be compromised and cause your HVAC system to either work overtime, or not work as efficiently.

Be sure to check your floor or wall vents periodically to make sure that air is flowing and your HVAC system is able to run effectively.

4. External HVAC Unit Damage

While you might have the inside of your home maintained when it comes to possible pet problems with your HVAC, your exterior unit might be a target as well.

Pets might urinate on exterior HVAC systems, which can cause rusting and corrosion over time.

If you have other neighborhood animals that might come in your yard, your pets might be marking their territory more frequently.

You can hose down your external HVAC unit periodically, or block this off from all animals to keep further damage from occurring.

5. Keeping on Your Heat or AC for Pets

Running your HVAC system all day long can wear this down faster, and won’t be efficient for your home.

While you might be worried about your pets during the day if the weather outside is either extremely hot or cold, there are alternatives you can provide beside cranking up your HVAC system for them while you are at work, school, or away.

Keep shades drawn to keep out extreme heat or chill.

Be sure to run fans in the summer, and opt for energy efficient windows and doors to stabilize the temperatures in your home during the winter.


Having pets is a wonderful experience for any family, but there are certain areas of your home that might require a bit more maintenance and attention over time to counteract any issues your pets might cause.

The good news is, having your HVAC system serviced regularly will keep this in good running order, and your Minneapolis HVAC repair professional can provide further  tips that might be useful.

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