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Get Ready For a Cold Minnesota Winter- Have Your Furnace Cleaned and Tuned

Many people call Metro Heating & Cooling with the questions about getting their boiler or furnace cleaned and tuned

Should I do a tune up on my furnace?

I always start out asking how old their furnace is, and when their equipment was serviced last.

  • If it’s over 4 years old, you should have it cleaned and tuned every year
  • If it’s less than 4 years old, it doesn’t absolutely need a tune-up, but it’s still a good idea

Well why have your furnace cleaned and tuned?

Doing a yearly service and tune on your furnace or boiler will do many things:

  • Ensure your safety
  • Help extend the life of your system
  • Make your home more comfortable
  • Save money on monthly energy bills by increasing the efficiency of the equipment

Many furnaces and boilers run and run all winter long without stopping or seeming to even take a breath.

Don’t take this for granted

If your system is neglected, it is working as hard as it can to heat your home.

It is NOT running at its highest efficiency- costing you more to operate, resulting in higher energy bills.

Taking care of your expensive equipment will save you from costly repairs down the road.

For an analogy consider your car

  • When was the last time you had your oil changed?

Keeping up on your vehicles maintenance will save you from costly future repairs.

  • Your furnace needs maintenance as well, to ensure optimal function

Neglected HVAC equipment eventually requires expensive repairs and premature replacement.


Metro Heating and Cooling is now offering a Furnace Tune-up and Check for $99.00.

This is a $20 savings off the normal price, through October.

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