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Heat Pump Installation in Minneapolis & St. Paul

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Expert Heat Pump Installation Services in the Minneapolis and St. Paul Area

Need a new heat pump installed in your home or business? Metro Heating & Cooling is here for you. We sell and install high-quality heat pumps that are designed to last years. Our fully-licensed HVAC technicians have the knowledge and technical expertise to get your heat pump up and running. With Metro, you never have to worry about high-pressure sales. Our technicians are not paid by commission, which means we have the incentive to give you the heat pump that is right for you.

We are happy to serve the Twin Cities around the clock, every day of the week. Call us now at (651) 294-7798. Keep reading to learn more about our heat pump installation services.

Heat Pump Facts

A heat pump system doesn’t actually generate heat. It moves air around. In the summer, the heat pump moves hot air out of your house and into the outdoors. In the winter, it extracts heat from the outside and moves it into the house. There is a reversing valve inside the system that allows for the change in temperatures and functions.

A heat pump is very energy-efficient and cost-effective. Keeping your heat pump in good working order will save you money on your heating and cooling bills.

Types of Heat Pumps

The type of heat pump you install depends on a number of factors. If you are building a new home, you have more options available to you because you can plan for the appropriate heat pump system. Our highly-qualified technicians know how to install all the various types of new heat pumps, and they can give you a free estimate on how much each system will cost to install in your home or office building.

  1. Air Source Heat Pump. This type of heat pump has an outdoor unit called the condensing unit, and an indoor unit called an air handler. This is one of the most energy-efficient types of heating and cooling systems available. It takes the heat from the air and either brings it inside or outside. An air source heat pump can be installed into ductless or ducted systems.
  2. Geothermal Heat Pump. The geothermal system uses the earth’s ground temperature to heat and cool your home. Some models may include variable speed fans and two-speed compressors, which increase their efficiency. They are more expensive to install, but the overall savings on utility bills usually makes them worth the investment. They are easiest to install on a new home construction because the pipes are laid in the ground underneath the home.
  3. Water Source Heat Pump. If you have a well or some other body of water near your home, you may want to choose a water source heat pump. It uses pipes inside the water, which extract the heat from the water to heat your home. It also uses the water-to-air system to cool your home in the warm months.
  4. Mini-Split Heat Pump. Take advantage of both a heat pump and a ductless heating and cooling system. The mini-split heat pump has the ability to supplement your existing furnace or boiler. It can also run on its own. Installing a split system may allow you to heat or cool your garage or a different room separately from the rest of the house. It can also be used to allow you to have different temperature controls throughout the different rooms of your house.

Not sure which heat pump is right for you? Feel free to ask our heat pump experts. We are here to help you determine which system fits best in your situation. We will always tell you the estimated costs before you commit, and we try to be as honest and transparent as possible during the installation process. At Metro, we don’t believe in hidden costs. Our goal is giving you great service at a cost you can afford.

Heat Pump FAQs

Check out these questions and answers about heat pump installation services.

  1. Can I install the heat pump system myself? We do not recommend installing your own heat pump system. It’s a complicated system with a lot of intrinsic value attached to it. Get an expert technician to do installation work for you, so you can be sure your new heat pump is installed correctly, works correctly, and lasts a long time.
  2. How long does a heat pump usually last? The lifespan of a heat pump depends on the type and how well it is maintained over the years. Typically, you can expect your heat pump to last longer than 10 years with regular professional maintenance.
  3. How much does heat pump installation cost? Heat pump costs vary. The geothermal type is the most expensive because the pipes have to be installed properly into the ground beneath the house. The cost for an air source heat pump will differ based on how much space the heat pump needs to heat or cool. Some homes will require multiple units to create different heating zones. To get a better idea of the cost of a heat pump installation in your home, please contact us to schedule an appointment. We’ll provide you with a free estimate.
  4. How do heat pumps save money? Heat pumps are extremely cost-effective because they save you money on your energy bills. Heat pumps do not use electricity to create heat. Although heat pumps are most cost-effective in milder climates, even in Minneapolis and St. Paul a heat pump can reduce your energy bills by a significant amount. A geothermal heat pump uses constant ground heat, so even in our cold climate, it can fully operate without an additional HVAC system to fall back on.
  5. What size heat pump will I need? That is a question that is based on the square footage of the areas you want heated or cooled. Set up an appointment with one of our experienced technicians, and we’ll calculate the size and cost of the heat pump you need.

Trust Metro Heating & Cooling with All Your Heat Pump Needs

If you need a new heat pump installation or replacement, please contact us. We offer professional installation services and excellent quality heat pump systems. We’re open all day, every day for your convenience.

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