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How Should You Program Your Thermostat for Winter?

Setting your home’s temperature for winter is always a mix of what people consider comfortable and what the temperature is outside.

But other factors can impact how you program your thermostat, including:

  • Your home’s humidity
  • Your windows’ draftiness
  • Your family’s schedule

What should you take into consideration when programming your thermostat for winter?

 Keep the temperature set at 68 degrees Fahrenheit or lower

The threshold temperature before your heater turns on should be as low as comfortably possible.

Not only does this minimize the strain on your furnace, especially during those first few days of use, it keeps your energy bill low.

The further down you set that temperature, the more energy savings you’ll see.

Consider getting a humidifier

If you have dry winters, then the weather can feel even colder. It’s also harsher on your skin.

Add a humidifier to your house to regulate the moisture in your air so you can reap the benefits of warmer feeling air without the energy costs, and a dual humidifier and dehumidifier can help keep humidity constant.

How often is the house empty? 

If you have a digital thermostat that can hold a schedule or a smart thermostat that lets you program your house’s temperature through your phone, then you can lower the temperature when no one is home.

Your house may need a bit of heating if the temperature is below freezing, but not nearly as much as people do.

However, this is a tip only if the house will be empty for several hours; otherwise, it’s not worth the energy cost of reheating up the space as opposed to maintaining a constant heat.


No matter what you set your thermostat at, it’s important to start the season with a good furnace/heating system to give you the heating you and your family need this winter.

If you want help with yours, or don’t think it will last another harsh Minnesota winter, simply Contact us today at (651) 294-7798 to book your tune-up and more tips.

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