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How to Hide The Air Conditioner in Your Yard

Quite often I run into  beautiful landscaping being ruined by an enormous air conditioner. Here’s a short list of ways to disguise your air conditioner in order to keep your yard looking like the Garden of Eden.


You could simply get some nice flowers or plants to plant around your air conditioner. Make sure you choose plants/flowers that grow less than 12″ tall. If you plant something too tall your air conditioner will run less efficiently or not at all. (This is because air conditioners need air to breathe, just like us). If you’re like me and like plants with low maintenance, Hasta’s or Lily of the Valley are perfect. These two plants are short and allow your air conditioner to breathe.


I’m not a big advocate for fencing in your air conditioner, but it can be done. If you go this route, make sure the fence is about 14″ from the air conditioner on all sides (This will allow the unit to breathe). You could also use a trellis to disguise your AC.

Moving your AC:

Recently, at an immaculate house in Uptown Minneapolis, we moved an air conditioner away from the house and out of sight. If you really want your air conditioner out of sight move it to the back of your yard. Air Conditioning lines and electrical can be buried in the ground, allowing you to have your AC completely out of sight and mind! This is definitely the most expensive route, but cool.


If you are gearing up to overhaul your entire AC system, this might be the perfect time to pick out a more tasteful looking exterior unit (Such as a RHEEM) or have this moved to a different area outside of your home.

Don’t forget to discuss your requirements and landscaping goals with Metro Heating & Cooling. if you want to move your new AC unit to a different location give us a call and we’ll be excited to help.


No matter what plans you incorporate to take your AC unit out of view or blend in with your yard’s surroundings, be sure to keep in mind that accessibility should be your number one priority.

From time to time AC technicians will need to access to service your AC unit, so if you have a gate or items surrounding it, they need to be removed easily.

Giving a bit of thought to how you want your AC unit to to blend in with your outdoor space, can pay dividends, in terms of making  your AC unit less obvious, yet still accessible to air conditioning technicians.

If you’re thinking of making your AC unit less obvious, want to move it or need a new AC unit, simply Contact Us at (651) 294-7798 today and tell us how we can help you.

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