Let’s Be Honest

A man (let’s name him Mike) called Metro Heating & Cooling the other day and explained to me that he recently had his air ducts cleaned by an unnamed company.

After the duct cleaning was completed, the company did a check on Rick’s furnace.

The technicians told him that he should replace a couple parts in his furnace- that they were getting old and worn out. The total for the parts were $368.

Mike said to me, “My furnace is working fine, are they trying to sell me parts that I don’t really need to be replaced?” I sheepishly replied I think they maybe.

Immediately I felt for Mike, I have been in that situation before thinking; Am I getting a good deal here? Can I trust this company? Or perhaps I could find the same service elsewhere, but cheaper.

I asked Rick if he would replace parts on his vehicle when they were worn, versus once they absolutely needed to be replaced.

He told me he couldn’t throw money into his furnace unless it really needed it.

No one wants to deal with a company they don’t know they can trust. Repairs are expensive- and heating and cooling equipment are big investments.

If a company tells you that you need repairs and you are unsure, it is absolutely imperative you question them and find whether the up-charge will benefit you or not.

Most of the time, you don’t replace parts on a furnace or air conditioner until after they are not performing.


If you’re not sure whether your furnace needs new parts, or want a second opinion, why not Contact Us on 651-294-7798 and tell us what you need us to do?