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Metro Heating Featured On HVAC Training 101 Website

Metro Heating was delighted to be invited to speak to leading HVAC Training website, HVAC Training 101 recently, on the subject of Air Conditioning maintenance in preparation for the spring and summer.

Although spring, summer, and hot sunny days, may be a long time off  judging by the snow and ice on the ground, it’s only a few short months away.

We all know that it won’t be long until the snow and ice melt, the temperature picks up, we put away those winter clothes and we start thinking about the summer again, and turning on our air conditioning again for the first time in several months.

Bob asked us some interesting questions about air conditioning maintenance to help people in Minnesota and elsewhere across the USA ensure that their air conditioning unit is ready for action, and it cools their homes again once spring and summer begin.

We shared some of our advice, tips and experience with Bob. By doing so, we made sure all readers will be able to check their own unit and make sure everything is running in an orderly fashion.

We recommended that you ‘winterize’ you AC unit so that it is protected against the cold harsh Minnesota winters, so that there are no unexpected surprises and it works when you need it to.

Why not read the article for yourself? You’ll learn what you can do to your AC yourself, and what jobs you need to leave to the Minnesota Air Conditioning professionals?

Bob has many years’ experience with air conditioning, having been an HVAC technician in Washington state before retiring. We didn’t think that we’d be able to teach him much, but were pleasantly surprised to hear that he learnt a few things from us.

We definitely enjoyed our conversation and hope he did too.


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