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Minneapolis & St. Paul Air Exchangers

Houses are sealed tight, which makes the air laden with pollutants and moisture that are created by daily activities during the winter.

Installing an air exchanger in a house removes the stale and polluted air from the house and emits it outside; that air is then replaced with fresh air.

Generally, an air exchanger system, when installed properly by a professional HVAC Installer, renews the air inside the house.

This air exchange occurs through a ductwork system that is installed in the walls of the home. There are grilles located in each room so that fresh air can enter them.

The grilles on the outside of the house that emit the stale air are usually located at the highest level where pollutants and humidity tend to build up.

Ensuring Proper Ventilation

At Metro Heating & Cooling, it is important to us that your home has proper ventilation.

All homes built in the 1990s have air exchangers because of how tightly the homes were built, however, older homes don’t have them and that means stale air is in abundance.

With an air exchanger in place, the air in the home is renewed at a controlled rate.

This allows the presence of pollutants to significantly decrease. By significantly reducing the number of pollutants, the risk of disease reduces as well.

To make sure the system operates properly, maintenance is important. It is best to have it professionally maintained so you know it is working.

Since air exchangers are to be used in the winter rather than the summer, it is good to have it inspected before it gets cold.

There’s also the fact that air exchangers use filters which need to be changed.

A clogged air exchanger will have to work hard, but then the air may not pass through at all, and could cause damage to the air exchanger.

Your professional installer can advise you on the frequency of filter changes based on the type of air exchanger and other specifics.

Air Exchanger Installation Experts

There are different types of installations that can be used to ensure the most efficient exchange of air. Those installations are:

  1. A fully ducted system – This type works well for homes that have hot water baseboard heating, electric baseboard heating, or radiant flooring. The fully ducted system captures pollutants at their source so that fresh air can be distributed to the living quarters of the home.
  2. Simplified system – This is the easiest to install system because it uses the existing air handler or furnace ducts. This installation type works for homes with air handlers or forced air heating systems.
  3. Exhaust ducted system – This type of installation is for homes with air handlers or forced air heating systems. It is slightly more complex than the simplified system but goes the extra step by catching pollutants at their source.

We can evaluate your home and determine which installation method will work best for your budget and other specifics about your home.

We also ensure that the air exchanger is properly balanced and that you know how to use the wall control once installation is complete.

Once we have completed the air exchanger installation and showed you how to control it, you can take a breath of fresh air without having to step outside in the cold.

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