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One Important Job Performed By An Air Conditioner’s Filter Drier

In order to optimize both safety and longevity, almost all modern air conditioners contain the component known as a filter drier.

Yet many consumers have yet to educate themselves as to the importance of this useful component.

If you would like to improve your overall understanding of the air conditioning technology used in your Minnesota home, read on.

This article will arm you with some basic and useful knowledge about the one important job performed by at air conditioner’s filter drier.

Water Problems

Air conditioners tend to generate a lot more water, both internal and external, than you realize.

This is the result of the condensation process taking place within the heart of an air conditioner.

Unfortunately, that water can lead to a lot of problems, both for the air conditioner and for you.

Where the air conditioner itself is concerned, the biggest problem is water contaminated refrigerant.

As air enters the refrigerant lines, and is cooled, water vapor tends to condense and mix with the refrigerant.

Problems tend to arise when this water comes in contact with lubricants used to keep the system running smoothly.

This contact often leads to the formation of organic acids that can wreak havoc on the sensitive components inside of the machine.

Water that accumulates in other parts of your air conditioner such as the drain pan and condensate lines can lead to human health problems as well.

That’s because such water provides the perfect breeding ground for bacteria and other dangerous microorganisms. In fact, legionella, the bacteria responsible for causing Legionnaire’s disease, is often found in such water.

How The Filter Drier Helps

The filter drier acts to safely remove such water from your air conditioner’s lines.

It does this through the use of one of two types of desiccant: either activated alumina or molecular sieve.

These substances absorb and contain moisture, thus keeping it from leading to unwanted problems.


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