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Plumbers For Leak Detection Minneapolis & St. Paul

Ever since man first devised ways of moving water from point A to point B, he has been on a constant mission to eliminate leaks. There have been many leaps and bounds made in the technology behind moving water from point A to point B, but we have yet to devise a method that will remain 100% leak-free throughout the lifespan of those methods.

Yes, plumbing has gotten better and in line with that progress, we have also gotten better at finding and repairing those leaks that still appear no matter how advanced plumbing systems have become. From a simple leak in a bathroom or kitchen fixture to catastrophic basement floods from a severed incoming water line, plumbing leaks can destroy property, increase water bills, and be costly to repair.

There is a proactive approach you can take to plumbing leak detection and keep the leak you find from turning into a plumbing repair that drains your bank account right along with the leak that floods your home!

Be Vigilant in Looking for The Symptoms

Knowing what to be on the lookout for will give you an advantage when performing your plumbing leak detection as a part of your weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly home maintenance regimen.

The following are symptoms of a plumbing leak;

1. Sound of Constantly Running Water

Sometimes a plumbing leak can become less of a leak and more of a constant sound of running water. If in the absolute silence of your home you are hearing this sound, it is undoubtedly coming from somewhere and the sooner you can find it, the sooner it can be repaired!

2. Sudden Increase in Water Bills

If you have a dramatic increase in your monthly water bill, and you haven’t filled up any swimming pools or held any community car washes you more than likely have a plumbing leak that is to blame. Finding this leak should be priority number one before the next round of water bills come along!

3. Odd Smell

Do you have an odd or even foul-smelling odor coming from somewhere? It could indicate a plumbing leak and if left alone it is only going to get worse and cost more to be repaired!

4. Mold Appearing on Walls

These plumbing leaks that lead to mold growth are both a plumbing problem and a health problem. Mold in your walls from plumbing leaks should be torn out, disinfected, and rebuilt to eliminate all chances of regrowth from the mold!

5. Damp or Even Wet Spots Suddenly Appearing

These plumbing leaks are also worrisome and should be found, eliminated, and properly repaired as soon as possible!

Don’t Stop Being Alert Just Because You Found and Repaired 1 Plumbing Leak!

Keep this proactive approach and stay ever vigilant against future plumbing leaks. Just because you find and repair a plumbing leak it isn’t like getting Chicken Pox, one time, and you are done! Homeowners must keep a watchful eye on their plumbing systems for the duration of owning that home.

Let’s say you have discovered that you have a plumbing leak and you have called a professional plumber out to find and repair this problem. The following may be some ways that a professional plumber can take a general area where there is a leak and use their tools to find the culprit.

Plumbing Leak Detection Services

  • Hydrostatic Pressure Test By sealing off sections of your plumbing system, the plumber can apply pressure to these areas to detect your plumbing leak!
  • Video Camera Pipe Inspections Technology from the medical field enables plumbers to use tiny cameras at the end of a flexible cable to visually detect where your plumbing leak is!
  • Concrete Slab Plumbing Leak Detection Using line tracing equipment and the above-mentioned camera inspection, your plumber can easily inspect your plumbing under your concrete slab foundation or driveway!
  • Dye Test Some plumbers may use a colorant or dye that can be added to your water supply so leaks can be more easily identified. This dye is safe for use around you and your pets and should dissipate soon after being administered.

No matter what type of plumbing leak you have detected or the method used to find it, the next steps are of course getting it repaired and back to functioning normally.

The Next Course of Action for Plumbing Leak Detection

There are specialists that we use in every aspect of our lives. The car breaks down, we go to a mechanic that specializes in dependable auto repair. We get sick we made need a specialist to alleviate the problem. When these plumbing issues get detected, you guessed it, we need a plumber who specializes in quickly and efficiently repairing the problem.

It also is worth mentioning here that plumbing problems that are reoccurring are indicative of some underlying cause that could be unrelated to plumbing. For instance, if you have to call a plumber out to unclog your sewer lines frequently, there could be issues with tree roots growing through your sewer lines. That issue could also be caused by flushing things down the toilet that should be thrown away instead of flushing it!

Being a homeowner means being constantly aware of the operating condition of every system in your home. When you discover a small water leak, it’s not going to fix itself!

Invest in a Home Maintenance Plan!

Being proactive and keeping a watchful eye on everything in your home is going to be more useful if you have a professional that can act on those problems when they come up. As soon as a plumbing leak is detected, get your plumber on the job.

If your professional plumber, your HVAC repairman, or the electrician you use for electrical problems, has any type of maintenance plan available, do yourself and your home a favor and invest in those plans.

This gets more eyes on more areas of your home more frequently to catch small issues before they become big and costly repair issues!

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